Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creating an HTML layout that is cross browser x Dummies

This post is mostly for who have to use an HTML template generated by an external Web designer and making it “dynamic”, that means we are handed the html page and we have to create the template that will be used by a web application to render content using that templates like polopoly (www.atex.com) but it is also true for other systems like joomla.

1. do not use cellpadding and cellspacing in tables, set them to 0 and eventually use CSS to control spacing, firefox, chrome and internet explorer interprets them differently.

2. do not use SPACER tag since internet explorer will not understood it, use a transparent 1 pixel gif with an img tag instead.

3. do not comment a css line with // since internet explorer will read it anyway, comment using /* and */ if you really need to.

4. if you start doing evaluate the layout with internet explore it would be more easy to adjust it for firefox and chrome (if any adjustment needs to be made).

5. always start with IE6 if you need to target it since it is the poorer browser that probably will need more care.

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