Monday, January 10, 2005

Adobe SDK - K2Vector

I had problem with a copy of a K2Vector, basically I had
an interface's method like:

class fooInterface {

  virtual void setVector(const K2Vector<fooObject>& src) { fVec =
src; };


  K2Vector<fooObject> fVec;


The linker's error I had was like "no operator= was
defined for K2Vector<fooObject>"...I had the K2Vector.h included but it
didn't solved my problem. It was not the first copy between vectors in the
plugin so I was a bit shooked by this error, after tries I include
"K2Vector.tpp" and that solved the problem. Really strange.
If you look at
the bottom of K2Vector.h you can see that it include "K2Vector.tpp".

Anyway, that's solved my problem and another lesson learned.