Monday, March 22, 2004

Visited Countries

This is the map of visited country 'till now.

Visited countries map


Look at this to create your own visited country map.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Windows Forms FAQ

Windows Forms FAQ

the complete FAQ for c# newbies.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

How to enable sound on a Virtual PC running Linux

Configure Sound in Red Hat Linux
1. Log into Red Hat Linux.
2. Start a terminal session, click the ‘Red Hat’, System Tools, then Terminal.
3. Type su and press Enter.
4. Enter the root password and press Enter.
5. Type cd /sbin and press Enter
6. Type ./sndconfig and press Enter.
7. Introduction: Press Enter.
8. Probe Results: Press Enter.
9. Card Type: Select Sound Blaster 16 and press Enter.
10. Card Settings:
a. I/O Port: Select 0x220 and press Tab.
b. IRQ: Select 5 and press Tab.
c. DMA 1: Select 1 and press Tab.
d. DMA 2: Select 5 and press Tab.
e. MPU I/O: Select 0x330 and press Tab.
f. Press Enter
11. Sound Card Test: Press Enter
NOTE Sound volume may be very low, adjust speakers accordingly.
12. Test Result: Press Enter if sound was heard, if not, Tab to select No and press Enter.
NOTE If no sound was heard, the most likely cause is lack of volume
13. File Exists: press Enter to overwrite the existing config file.
14. Type exit and press Enter to exit the root console.
15. Type exit and press Enter to exit the standard console.