Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Visual Studio .NET editor

I daily read some blogs on the net and I found this one Wine Thirty about the VS.NET editor and I want to share with you my opinion on it.

What left me most suprised in the VS.NET editor is the build output window. It worked near perfection if VS6 why do they changed it? With VS6 you can compile the project, the output window is automatically opened to show you the build in progress, if you have a couple of errors you can simply click on the ESC key, correct the first mistake, then ALT+2 brings you back the output window were you can navigate with arrows, choose which error you want to correct and with the RETURN key you will jump directly to the line with the error and clicking on the ESC key close the output window. Now all of this works only partially with VS.NET. You have to make the output window a docking window with the autohide feature, but if you click ESC, sometimes that window goes away and sometimes not. It's frustrating.

It looks like the new editor has been designed to be used mostly with the mouse. But that's a thing a developer want to avoid in favor of writing speed.

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